Narrow Water Wood - 2017 Calendar

Narrow Water Wood & Narrow Water Castle, loved by artists & photographers is just around the corner on the A2, Warrenpoint. Buddy the husky dog loves his photograph taken in the bluebells.

It comprises 343 acres of mixed coniferous, broadleaved woodland and is located on the Newry to Warrenpoint road, overlooking Narrow Water. The famous 16th century Narrow Water castle is located within and a stunning bluebell display in April and May provides an amazing carpet of purple.

The Mourne Wall - 2016 Calendar

The Mourne wall was built between the 1904 and 1922, with its purpose being to enclose the water catchment in the Mournes. The wall was crafted from natural granite stone using traditional dry stone walling techniques. The Mourne wall is roughly 1.5 metres high and 0.8 to 0.9 metres thick. It is an amazing 22 miles long and passes over fifteen mountains with virtually no cement to keep it together.

There is no more welcoming sight than the wall when mist and fog comes down into the mountains. The wall has also been known as "the handrail of the mountains". This spectacular photograph shows the Mourne wall up close and going into the distance, over the mountains.


One of Ireland's most scenic areas and the ultimate adventurer's paradise.

ring of Gullion


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