Slieve Lough Shannagh - 2016 Calendar

Visit the Mournes' Slieve Binnian, favoured by hill walkers and climbers alike. Percy French, C.S Lewis and Seamus Heaney were all inspired to put pen to paper about the Mournes.

Slieve Binnian, the third highest mountain within the Mourne Mountains is 2,451 ft. high and is situated 9km north of Kilkeel. It is one of Ireland’s most iconic mountains and is a favourite among hill walkers. The majority of the summit is broad and flat with rocky tors at the north and south ends. In clear weather it is possible to see the Isle of Man and the Wicklow mountains.

In this amazing photograph of Slieve Binnian a breathtaking view of the Mourne mountains is seen with sheets of white snow frosted over the mountain tops. The addition of wispy clouds being located lower than the camera emphasises the height of the Mountain.

Slieve Lough Shannagh - 2016 Calendar

The Mourne Mountains are a group of Mountains placed over a large area of land, these Mountains were formed over 50 million years ago and are made up of a large amount of granite. Granite is an igneous rock formed from magma, molten material that welled up from under the Earth’s crust and then cooled. The Mourne Mountains is now on of not only Newry and Mourne but the whole of Northern Ireland's most popular attractions, which gains thousands of visitors and tourists each Year.

This photograph has been taken on top of the Mourne Mountains, near the Mourne Wall. The main focus in this photograph is the Mountains, although Buddy the dog is a beautiful Husky who couldn’t help but be involved in viewing the spectacular mountains around him, these mountains are not only favoured by walkers and tourists but also by animals.


One of Ireland's most scenic areas and the ultimate adventurer's paradise.

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