Mountain Road - 2017 Calendar

Spelga dam reservoir road takes the tourist up into the Mournes scenery where they have a choice to drive, cycle or for thrill seekers mountain bike, or hill climb, where panoramic views await.

A drive in the Mourne Mountains provides breathtaking panoramic views not to be missed. This photograph was taken opposite Spelga Dam. It originated in 1894 and was built between 1953-1957. It provides water to the Belfast and Portadown areas and is over 1,200 feet above sea level.

Slieve Binnian - 2016 Calendar

Slieve Binnian is a fantastic circular walking route for many tourists and local walkers, as it follows the Mourne Wall to the summit of Slieve Binnian. This walk is a stony trail, going between steep and flat land, an ideal walking trail for any walker as it is seen as a grade 5 hiking trail. Many of the rocks and stones on these types of walks within the Mourne Mountain are granite, this can be found interesting by many geographical studies of the area.

This fantastic picture of Slieve Binnian has been wonderfully captured at sunrise from the Head Road, this mountain is an amazing sight to look at in the distance and close up especially if you are a walker or tourist.


One of Ireland's most scenic areas and the ultimate adventurer's paradise.

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