The Flagstaff Viewing Point - 2017 Calendar

The viewpoint voted the most scenic view in Ireland, encompasses views from Warrenpoint, Rostrevor, Kilkeel & extending to the medieval village of Carlingford.

The Flagstaff Viewpoint is without a doubt one of the most famous beauty spots in Ireland with breathtaking views. It offers uninterrupted views of Carlingford lough, the Mourne Mountains and the Cloc Mor stone. Peering over the estuary you can see the majestic Narrow Water castle and the port of Warrenpoint being dwarfed by the beautifully large mountains in the background. The beautiful contrast in colour from the cool background of the town of Warrenpoint to the warmer colours in the foot of flagstaff creates a surreal effect throughout the photograph.

The Silent Valley Reservoir - 2016 Calendar

The Silent Valley Reservoir also known as the overflow is a reservoir located deep in the Mourne Mountains. It supplies most of the water for County Down, surrounding counties and most of Belfast. The reservoir was built between 1923 and 1933 by a workforce of over one thousand men, nine of which had sadly died. It had taken 18 years to fully build this reservoir entirely by hand.

This remarkably unique photograph shows the overflow at Silent Valley Reservoir, a rare sight to see with the water flowing into the overflow. With the view of the Mournes in the distance, the remarkable nature of this photograph is emphasised.


One of Ireland's most scenic areas and the ultimate adventurer's paradise.

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