Lough Island Reavy - 2017 Calendar

Lough island Reavey - located in Northern Ireland, County Down. The photograph was taken with a stunning sunset in the background, with the still water creating a beautifully sharp reflection of the view above the water. This is a popular fishing spot and the lake contains pike and perch, as well as small numbers of brown trout and eels.


The Flagstaff Viewing Point - 2016 Calendar

It is said that the view from the Flagstaff Mountain is one of the best in Ireland. This mountain gained its name because on the last Sunday of July each year the Flagstaff flag is hoisted on Barry's rock. When sailors didn’t have advanced navigation tools it was thought that they took their bearings from the position the flag was flying overlooking the estuary.

The incredible view of flag staff sunset is an absolutely outstanding sight to witness, as the sun adds a glistening effect to the river below, introducing warm rays of light coming through the glowing clouds. This photograph sets a beautiful scene of the view point from the Flag staff.


One of Ireland's most scenic areas and the ultimate adventurer's paradise.

ring of Gullion


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