Pigeon Rock - 2017 Calendar

Pigeon Rock is the gateway to the Kingdom of the Mournes via Hilltown and can be easily accessed from the road South of the Spelga Reservoir. As you climb this mountain, the Mourne wall becomes prominent to your right. In this photo the sheep are perfectly placed to catch the beautiful setting sunset.

This Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty can be accessed from Sandbank Car Park. When you reach the summit, you can explore the impressive collection of tors popular with rock climbers. From the south tor descend south east before starting the steeper ascent up Cock Mountain. Ascend Cock Mountain where there are impressive views of Spelga Dam Reservoir to the east. Descend Cock Mountain in a south south easterly direction to flatter ground which can be boggy, before ascending Pigeon Rock Mountain to meet Batts Wall at its summit. Follow Batts Wall initially in a south easterly direction and then in a south westerly direction to the col between Pigeon Rock Mountain and Slievemoughanmore, where you will meet the upper stretch of the Rowan Tree River. Follow the river to join Hen track. Follow the track back to Sandbank Road Car Park.

St. John's Point - 2016 Calendar

St Johns Point, where the tall yellow and black striped lighthouse marks the entrance to Dundrum Bay in Donegal, this lighthouse began operating in 1844. The structure stands at 102 feet in height and has a whale-oil burning lamp. Various upgrades to the light have been made throughout the years; this first began with gas powered lamps, then to paraffin and most recently electricity. The distinctive colour scheme of black with two yellow bands, was painted in 1954 to make the lighthouse more recognisable to travelers.

This is an outstanding view of the building, where St John's Point is captured standing tall in the distance, while in the foreground close up shots of the surrounding rocks and stones beside the rivers edge are wonderfully captured with small waves crashing on the side of the rocks.

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